Virgo Affirmation

I was born under the sign of Virgo.
I accept all its power, potentials, and gifts. .
I am the Magician of the Universe
I accept the healing and magical powers
I have or will use for the benefit of myself
so I may serve others spiritually and materially,
in whatever capacity I choose as appropriate and fascinating. .
The key for tapping into my deeper resources
is the ever-increasing acceptance of myself,
of who I am now,  and what I wish to become.
I can see, hear and feel myself day by day, month by month,
moving toward the perfection of my talents,
the integration of my aspects by trusting them
and the refinement of what I have already accomplished
by more eloquent use of my unique gifts.
I accept fully my ability  and willingness to help,
whether with friends, family, or groups,
whether with community service or global goals. .
I accept deeply my keen analysis and enquiring mind.
I accept fully my high energy and amazing memory.
I accept fully my ability to see details,
to transform separate parts into meaningful wholes. .
I accept my ability to choose, to distinguish, to discriminate,
to easily let go of the "ten thousand" worries of life,
to avoid unwise sympathy,  to focus on the essentials of life and be
wisely passionate. . I am dependable I am precise.
I am meticulous yet practical.
I am industrious and self disciplined.
With great ease I refine, soften, and direct
my inexhaustible energies,
expression my discrimination and wisdom
with courage, self reliance, and strength,
my power with delicacy and appropriateness
my invincibility with protectiveness. .
I accept my extraordinary ability for self sacrifice
and my high intuitive gifts that are rooted deeply
to my instinctive human sympathy. .
The birthright of Virgo is to pierce the Grand Illusion of Life. .
I accept fully and graciously my amazing powers
to renew and cleanse myself and others
through all of life's challenges and changes.
I accept all viewpoints while allowing my conscious
and subconscious mind to sift and sort out what is natural and honest,
the false from the true,  the essential from the unnecessary,
to pierce through characters and situations at a glance. .
I understand and accept that I must love myself
and trust myself and my perception.
I understand the concept of
~ those who would be the greatest among you
- let them be the servant of all~
because I celebrate spirit through service. .
It is my destiny. Now I choose to shape my future
in a balanced dance between comfort and challenge.

~Changing your Destiny - Orser & Zarro~
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