Many of us want to meet our Soulmates and search all of our lives for that other part of us, that matching soul who is going to love and care for us unconditionally in a way that no one else could do. We all realize that our soulmate comes to us from karmic conditions and past lives of being together, being supportive of one another, and bonding with attachment so that we agree in other lives to meet again.  Everyone has a soulmate and sometimes, more than one, as we have had multiple lifetimes and multiple loves.

Many issues come up about karmic conditions with these mates; they may be married in this life to someone else, they may be of the same sex as we are, they may be in a celibate condition (a Priest), they may be a family member (Mother, Father, Sibling), they may be unattainable, and they may be free to be with us and merge in this life. 

Many factors go into preventing us from committing to this type of relationship and also factors need to be considered before we commit.  Soulmates are actually partners of the spirit...our fulfillment of our opposite self.  If we are not living in our ultimate spiritual path, then our soulmate at that time will only be equivalent to the energy at that time. This is a hard concept to grasp, as none of us want to admit that we are not functioning at our spiritual best at all times.  We simply are not.  We go through phases, dark spaces, mundane needs, family commitments, and we attract at that time the partner who meets those needs.  This is a soulmate.  And we will keep attracting the soulmate that goes with the new phases of our growth.

In astrology soulmates have a strong Neptunian factor, which creates an illusion of unconditional/romantic love and definitely does not engage the libido or sex drive.  This is not to say that sex with a soul mate always is an illusory type of thing.  When one is sexual with a spiritually equal soulmate then there are bells, whistles, cosmic connections, spiritual enlightenment and more than any other sexual feeling, there is a completeness and feeling of wholeness.  But sex is not a focus of soulmates and all of those feelings usually last from six months to two years when you actually live with the person.  Then we get down to the seriousness of being together accomplishing the necessary path objectives of soulmates.

We have cosmic memories before we come to this planet.  We have a plan, or rather our soul has a plan and that plan often includes others who create balance.  We also have unfinished business with others and those significant others may come in as we need them, depending on the phase we are in.  Just because we have to create a finished complete relationship with the other in this life, does not mean that person is a soul mate.

You can tell if you have met your soul the following:
1. Both are on equal spiritual level,
2. Both love and give with unconditional acceptance and respect to the other.
3. Both allow for freedom of growth, whether that be together or separate.
4. Both have a complete understanding of where the other is in his/her soul growth.

There is a natural feeling of trust and love when you first meet your soulmate.  It is a noticeable and highly spiritual connection, often telepathic.  So you pick up on all emotional/ physical/and mental conditions of the person without questions or doubts. A soulmate is not a person who abuses you, betrays you, uses you, manipulates you, possesses you, is jealous of you, nor negates your emotional/physical or mental well being

I cordially invite you to order your Soul Mate Report or your Soul Scope Report,

May the Sun, Moon and Stars shelter you and energize you with love and peace,


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