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In your 60-minute recorded Solar Return Analysis, I first reveal the consequential phase of the Seven-year Astrological Cycle you are currently in, and the dramatic effect this has on you. I tell you which axis of your Birthchart the Solar Eclipse Cycle is triggeringan extraordinarily powerful indication of the climactic turning points in your life.  I also explain the current Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions, and Transits to your Birthchart, thoroughly delineating what each of these implies for your personal growth.

I disclose your Growth Card in the Tarot, and your Personal Year in Numerology; both of these correlating perfectly with your Solar Return Chart.  I divulge where you can best direct your energies over the coming year, whether in your career, education, relationships, health, or financessometimes all of these!  I also define the four Power Points of your Solar Yearthe reality checkpoints for every year of your life.

To complete my analysis of your Solar Return, I guide you through your year month by month, disclosing the times when you will most likely experience more significant activity and interaction with others, and I pinpoint the more challenging periods of your year ahead.

The information I provide in this recorded one-hour analysis of your Solar Return is based on my understanding of the Cyclical and Planetary energies currently affecting you.  Most importantly, I do not tell you what will happen to you; rather, I indicate the potential available to you and I summarize the best times for you to take advantage of that potential.



Beverlee, I have listened to the tape four times now and each time I hear new is exactly what my intuition is telling me.  Thanks so much!  Nancy,  Fallbrook, California

Dear Beverlee,
I had so much fun listening to my Solar Return tape.  It was so right on! This year seems like a big year for action and it was so interesting to hear you say many things I've been thinking.  I can't wait to listen to it again.  Sean and I had so much fun with everything you've sent us.  Thank you so much.  All our best,  Amy and Sean Meszaros, Los Angeles, California

Hi, Beverlee,
I just listened to my tape today on my way to work. It is really incredible how right on everything is and how much more detail you've given me! I love my chart ! I love that I am on my way. I love that I am creating my best life ever and that it is in my chart as well. I love that I have in my chart so many things that point toward all that I have been doing and wanting. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have my chart read. It was incredible for me. Catherine, San Diego, California

Hi Bev,
It's me again.   WOWEEEEE what a tape!  Of course, I have only listened to it once and you know me, I'll memorize it.  This is the first time EVER that I have experienced such an intense all-over reaction while listening to one of your tapes. Just after you told me the "all I need to know about leaving the Sagittarius Phase and entering the Capricorn Phase", you began the planetary influences and my body felt like every cell was lit up from head to toe!  Now that is a definite YES "spiritual acknowledgement" of everything you were talking about. As always Beverlee, I do appreciate you!  THANK YOU!  A hug & a kiss,  Linda, San Juan Capistrano, California.

Beverlee -

I'm once again amazed with your insights and talents!  I've been re-listening to my Solar Return today and your readings are/have been so incredibly accurate.

I love you, Bev!

~ Lilly, San  Marcos, CA
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