November 23 to December 21

The name of this card bears no relation to its modern meaning of  prohibition: quite the contrary.  It refers to an older meaning of the word: tempering, refining, improving, sharpening your personal faculties for better use and performance. The picture clearly indicates that you have at all times a 'Guardian Angel' within you, ready with guidance from the four great forces:  Fire (the sun) Water (flowing between the golden cups); Air (the growing flowers); and Earth on which the Angel is careful to keep one foot, for equilibrium. The message is that all four of man's natural tools  are in hand and are essential -- quite in tune with the dynamic individuals bom in the sign of Sagittarius. Also, it carries an instruction to use these powers constructively at all times\, in harmony with the attitude and action of the winged figure -- your Angel, Sagittarius.
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