Pisces Affirmation

I was born under the sign of Pisces.
I accept fully the potentials, power and gifts of my sign.
I am The Mystic, The Cosmic Dreamer.
I am The Dancer of a thousand faces.
I am The Beloved, I am The Loving.
I am The Poet, the Divine Dark Warrior.
I am The Divine White Healer.
I am the Healing. I am the Healed.
I am the joy of feeling .
I am the submerged awareness, underneath it all.
I am the Light of Being. I am the being
who accepts the legendary magical
and mystic powers of my sign for the benefit of myself
so that I may serve others in whatever capacity I choose as appropriate.
The key for tapping into my deepest resources
is the ever-increasing acceptance of myself,
of who I am now, and what I wish to become.
I can see, hear, and feel myself, day by day, month by month,
moving toward the perfection of my talents.
I embody the sense of true sympathy
and compassion through insight
into the realms of the imagination.
My currents and tides run deep and strong
and my illuminating vision looks below the surface of things
where the dreams of transformation live
in an effervescent and evanescent sea of shifting universes,
and the parallel realms of the miraculous.
Metamorphosis and mysterious mists
of rainbow bubbles of reflections, of lavender clouds of dusk,
the supernatural, almost too beautiful to be real,
lifting the very soul from the body up, up, up...
breaking the bondage,  exquisite freedom,
to the promised land of the kingdom,
not of this world, or the unconscious,
up above and free of the earthly maze of beasts and stars
to a realm entered by faith and imagination;
a place of transcendence, of dreams, visions, illumination,
and deep, deep joy; the redemption of matter itself to a higher state.
I am the Celestial Fire of the Heart;
The Secret Heart, the Sacred Heart.
I am gentle, receptive, and compassionate.
I have strong ideals and aspirations.
I have mastered the art of tuning into people and surroundings.
I am sensitive to the environment and the way things feel.
Aesthetics are important to me
and I bring beauty to all aspects of my life.
Thereby my true potential is activated.
By my ability to appropriately apply
detachment, discrimination, and decisiveness;
detachment from over-sensitivity to feelings;
discrimination of intellectual and subjective information;
decisiveness in decisions.
I am successful by creating a balance,
a balance between the great powers
of my imagination and creative ability
with a strong practicality and focused determination.
And I know I can always rely
on my marvelous intuition.
With all these blessings
I can change my destiny.
Now I choose To shape my future in a balanced dance
Between comfort and challenge.

~Changing your Destiny - Orser & Zarro~
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