The New Moon phase launches the 29.6 day Lunar cycle.  At this stage you’re a pioneer…eager to make new beginnings, simply following your bliss as you set out on a new adventure along with the Moon. With the innocence of the Fool in the Tarot deck you’re filled with exuberance but with little knowledge of how you are going to accomplish your objective.  Like the Moon, which is not visible in the heavens at this time, your intent is a little nebulous.  Although you’re not ready to take informed action yet, ideally you are in touch with what you hope to accomplish during this cycle, so you move forward, carried along by your passion and your faith. The value of attuning yourself to the energy of the Lunar cycle is that it lends you a time frame…a sense of order in all of your undertakings.  The New Moon phase has the quality of Aries energy, so it’s important not to scatter the seeds of your desire but to carefully begin to sow them, trusting in the final outcome.

The Waxing Crescent phase of the Lunar cycle feels very much like Gemini energy.  Having set your intention during the New Phase, you're looking around now, seeking  information that will help get your project off the ground.  It's the "How to" part of the cycle, where you're mulling over your plan for accomplishing your goal.  You're questioning others, making checklists, getting organized; this phase is about research and development.  You're seeking solutions to any problems that may be involved in the process of moving to new ground. What works?  What doesn't?  Who can advise you?  Like a baby learning to walk, you need to move beyond your inner doubts and be willing to take those first wobbly steps forward.  Interestingly, the Universe, aware of your intention, often opens up the paths  leading to precisely the information or connection that you require to launch your undertaking.

At the First Quarter phase of the Lunar cycle and it’s time to step out and take action in order to accomplish your goal. In the earlier part of the cycle you defined your mission; listened to what others had to say, and now you’re ready to move out on your own and make your vision happen.   Ideally, during this phase you’re moving forward from a position of feeling “grounded” or secure in your decision about the proper action to take.  If you listen to your inner voice about what is right for you, you will instinctively feel what  you need to do. Key words for the First Quarter phase: action, movement, performance, growth, trust.

The Waxing Gibbous phase is one of the busiest in the whole 29.6 day Lunar cycle.  It’s also one of the most challenging, because your efficiency, effectiveness and abilities are being tested for their merit.  You’re highly creative now, as you continue to move forward with your dream, at the same time that you’re refining your approach, analyzing what is working well and what isn’t. The energy of this phase is a blend of Leo bravado and Virgo analysis.  If you discover some resistance from others to what you are working to accomplish, you simply need to make adjustments to your original plan.  Key words for the phase: analysis, assessment, review, evaluation, proficiency.

As the Moon becomes most visible during its Full phase, so you too reflect that clarity in your life.  Everything takes on a greater intensity now as the Moon moves 180 degrees away from the Sun. Like the Moon, your undertakings reach their culmination phase.  Emulating the Moon’s energy during its cycle, you have moved from the Aries perspective of "Self" and initiation at the New Moon to the Libra concept of "The Other" and relating here at the Full Phase. All is revealed now in the Moon’s brilliance.  Accordingly, you can expect to be interacting with others either cooperatively or competitively.  Some key words for the Full phase: culmination, realization, fulfillment, awareness, illumination.

After the illumination of the Full Moon you have the big picture here in the Waning Gibbous (Disseminating) phase.  You've connected with others and you feel the need to share more intimately with them now. This is a period of reaching out to "The Other" as you seek to establish an understanding . As the name implies, it's time to distribute ideas in order to demonstrate what you’ve learned during the first half of the Lunar cycle. It's another extremely active period as you seek to find your place in the scheme of things. You want to feel that your contribution to society makes a difference. It's time to share your unique perception of the way "it is".

The Last Quarter phase of the Lunar cycle represents the fruits of your labor…reaping what you have sown, and above all, taking responsibility for where you have arrived in your ongoing journey.  By now the project that you launched with the New Moon at the beginning of the cycle has either turned out as you hoped, with the appropriate adjustments along the way, or your endeavors have failed to live up to your expectations.  Either way, you now reap the rewards for your efforts during the cycle…for better or worse!  This part of the cycle has a very Capricorn feel to it.  It’s closely related to authority figures, which may either describe yourself or someone who represents power to you.  Capricorn energy symbolizes the top of the mountain.  Youve either reached the pinnacle or you haven’t.  If so, good for you!  If not….so what?  There’s another Lunar cycle coming along in a few days.  What you’ve gleaned in experience during this cycle will serve you well as you begin anew.

At the final phase of the Lunar cycle--Waning Crescent (Balsamic)--it’s time to release what you’ve created during this cycle.  Not to worry. You’ll be able to return to it whenever you need to.  However, in order to create something new with the energy of the New Moon of the next cycle, you need to create a space for it now.   You also need to start sowing the seeds of your desire.  What have you  created in this cycle that continues to have value for you?  Perhaps you’d like to build on it.  It’s often the case that the new Lunar cycle opening up will stand on the shoulders of what you’ve accomplished during this cycle.  Life doesn’t happen in one fell swoop; it unfolds by degrees.  The monthly Lunar cycle is a beautiful metaphor for this unfolding.  That’s why it’s important during this closing phase of the cycle to acknowledge yourself for what you’ve accomplished so far, and to look forward with anticipation to how you’re going to expand upon it in the future. You must take time to forgive yourself for any perceived failings, as you  prepare to move on.

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