The next chapter in your life story may be the best yet! And the exciting thing is that you can learn about it right now in your Life Progressions Report. The physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth you experience throughout the course of your life can be accurately anticipated by the use of a technique we astrologers call “Secondary Progressions”. The method consists of equating one day after birth to one year of life – called the day-for-a-year method. Secondary Progressions offer insight into the unfolding of your unique personality over time.

Transits—the regular motion of the planets through the heavens—are available to everyone at the same time.  Progressions, on the other hand, are yours alone, since your chart is uniquely yours. Accordingly, we tend to experience transits outwardly, often as “events” showing up in our daily lives and in the world at large. But we experience our life progressions on a much more inward, personal level. So progressions offer us opportunities over a definite time-line for our own personal development.

Reading your Life Progressions Report is like opening a window on a future version of yourself and catching a glimpse of who you will become, as well as what influences will be affecting you in the future. This glimpse into your future can help you make the right choices at the right time in order to avoid unnecessary pitfalls as you advance through life. Life Progressions reports offer direction and guidance designed to put you on a successful course towards realizing your full potential.

This report is intended to enhance the natal chart, not to replace it.  The two go hand-in-hand. The progressed chart brings to fruition the promises of the natal chart. Best of all, the report covers not one, but two years of your life!

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