Stumped on gift ideas for that special person in your life?
Let the stars be your guide!

Aries appreciates gifts that provide an outlet for their abundant Martian energy. Consider a treadmill --- but any sports equipment will do, especially gear for team-play. This answers to that Aries love for healthy competition. We know how much our rushing Ram loves the chase, right? Toasty socks, gloves or a cap will protect beloved Aries from the cold on those early morning runs. Hunting gear will suit those Aries on the game trail -- in red, of course, for safety and because it happens to be the color ruled by this sign.

Red rubies  -- real or rhinestones --- bring out the fire in Aries  eyes. A fire-engine red, V-8 muscle car may be the gift of your Ram's dreams, but it does tend to be beyond most of our means. Still, your Aries child can begin to refine his or her taste for automotive power with an electric road-racer set, matchbook cars or a pedal-driven toy car. Automotive computer games help build the Aries' child reflexes and coordination, while cultivating the native's competitive urge.

The secret is out -- vocal-chord-ruling Taurus is a closet Broadway star! Give the gift that doubles as a sure-fire way to lift your Taurean from Planet Sofa: Compact disks with his or her favorite show tunes. Just wait 'til Taurus is home alone. When "Ohhhhhh-klahoma!" rings out from behind closed doors, and your floor shakes with dancing, you'll know you've got one happy song bird! 

But who needs secrets with this easy-to please sign? Earthy Taurus literally eats up the material riches of this world. Consider a recliner chair. Or soft cushions or  hand-stitched pillows. In fact, more than anyone, Venus-ruled Taureans will appreciate your hand-made creations. Potted plants keep Taurus in touch with Mother Earth year-round. Bake up some sweets, box and wrap them with a bow. With Taurus the key is to match beauty with creature comfort!

Airy, brainy Gemini never tires of books. Just make sure your winged-footed one hasn't already beat you to the latest titles. Better yet, let your gift ideas accommodate Gemini's bookishness in comfort. Gazing upon a life-accumulation of books is an essential salve for delicate Gemini nerves. Collapsible bookshelves answer two prime Geminian needs: the never-ending quest for storage space and the need to travel light --- as do easily-stackable paperbacks. Decorator bookends of carved wood, pewter, acrylic or sparkling geodes dress up the books at a sensible price.

There is no gift Gemini will appreciate more than the satisfaction of this life-long karmic quest: to find his or her true-twin soul mate. And that soul mate may be in Gemini's own back yard! According to esoteric astrology, Gemini is actually ruled by loving Venus. Romantically-involved Geminis will faint for a couples weekend  seminar on exploring their love relationships -- tasty brain food for the Gemini insatiable curiosity and the hungry Gemini heart!

Of course, no Gemini is too young to start building on that love of books and the need for relationship! And don't forget -- the messenger-god-Mercury-ruled love to write too! Get your young Gemini off on the right track with lovely stationery, blank-clothbound journals and a generous helping of pens, pencils and crayons!

Easily pegged as the natural parents of the Zodiac, Moon-ruled Cancer will always appreciate kitchen supplies, cookbooks, and enrollments in gourmet clubs. Anything to feed and nurture the ones they love. But don't get this sign wrong --- Cancer is actually one of the best travelers of all. The original home-body, the traveling Moon Child knows the secret, like nature's crab, of carrying home on his or her back. So you can't go wrong with gifts of travel gear --- not just luggage, but luggage carts, personalized suitcase belts, knapsacks and attachable compartments for knapsacks.

Or help your Moon Child take the comforts of home on the road! Picnic baskets, plastic dishware and silverware, decorator paper plates and utensils, camping pots and pans, and especially that all-purpose Swiss army knife. Make sure the latter comes with can opener, corkscrew, and bottle opener, or don't even bother!

Eager to begin expression and development of their nurturing instincts, young Moon Children are naturals for dolls and stuffed animals. This includes Cancer boys too! The best gift a parent can give a Cancer boy is loving acceptance of his strong emotional and relational needs. Show him you value his inborn sensitivity to others, and he will grow up to be not only the best of fathers but also a warm encouraging boss and leader in his career! Gee, that advice is so good, make sure to lavish it on your Cancer girls as well!

I've got one word for you. Gold. In any form, in large or small portions. You just can't go wrong! And yes, gold sequins are fine too -- put 'em on a derby hat, and your Leo will find the show where he or she can make that one ... singular sensation! A gold sequined jacket, and Leo is the hit of the New Years party.

Now *real* gold paves a spectacular way to the Leonine heart. Just as the regal jungle cat lives and travels in a pride, the Leo native loyally clings to his or her family. The best bet for your Lioness is a golden locket, with pictures of her beloved children, spouse, brothers, sisters, parents, or significant other.... A hand-held, folding gold-plate picture frame fits perfectly in your male Leo's breast pocket, where he can hold his loved ones close to his heart. Gold-plate picture frames provide lovely display for Leo's family pride.

Theater tickets never fail this drama-loving cat, who will especially love the opportunity to share the experience with someone he or she loves. And it's never too soon to introduce your lion-cub to the uplifting wonders of the theater arts. Before you know it, you'll be following up with tap shoes, singing and dancing lessons! And don't forget, the very best gift for your Lion Prince or Princess is heaping helpings of loving attention. Your emotional generosity will bring many joyful returns -- to you and the world!

Yes, Virgo is a meticulous perfectionist, but don't cop out with a dust-buster! It's the ultimate faux pas -- to imply your Virgo actually needs this? Woo! Get my smelling salts! Just open the Virgo's broom closet, and there you'll see, hanging above the perfectly organized cleaning supplies, a row of four or five dust busters from prior well-intentioned-but-misguided friends.

Lecture over. Now, let's find an outlet for Virgo's discerning and analytical mind. Jig saw puzzles are absolutely addictive for this sign, and they come in every variety -- an added attraction for this Mercury-ruled native. Stackable puzzle games are great for social fun. Larger-cut puzzles and building blocks will engage young Virgos' formative skills. For the Virgo adult, you can get gorgeous, extraordinarily detailed puzzles of famous paintings, like panels from the Sistine Chapel -- include a gift certificate for custom framing of the finished product! You can also get spectacular 3-D puzzles of famous buildings such as Notre Dame, the Empire State Building, and even the Duomo of Florence Italy!

Your science-oriented Virgo child will appreciate a junior chemistry set. Develop young Virgoan industriousness with kits for building model cars, airplanes and rockets. "Where's Waldo" books provide for hours of rapt investigation. In fact, this Mercury-ruled sign is just as in love with books as your Gemini -- keep the fare close to Earth, with Encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauruses and other reference books. Trivia games can make for many evenings of family fun!

Elegance, subtlety and beauty is the rule in shopping for your Libran. Jewel-like hair accessories provide the perfect accent. Fine silken ties are an easy buy for the men. Look for ways to contribute to the harmonious environments your Libran prefers. Scented candles, incense and flowery sachets offer lovely ambiance. Compact disks with the elaborately balanced variations of Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi restore peace and balance to the Libran mind. Heating pads and massagers, in a variety of sizes and prices, bring relaxation and comfort to vulnerable Libran back muscles.

The Venus-ruled Libran is a natural for art objects, but save the Velvet Elvis for your jovial Sagittarian. Start your gift hunting at a craft store, but make sure your purchase will match your Libran's existing home color scheme. Fine crystal vases offer a distinguished container for flowers, and glass sculpture will match any room. Hand-crafted brass or ceramic candle sticks provide lovely display for those scented candles.

Libran children will profit from parental support of their nascent artistic talents: water-based paints, markers and play-clays are best for the youngest natives. Young and old Librans will enjoy safely "painting" with colored sands in glass or clear plastic containers. Older children will be eager to experiment with the more sophisticated (but less-forgiving) properties of oil and acrylic paints. Others will prefer batik, pottery and sculpture. Every struggling Libran artist will appreciate a pre-stretched and framed canvas.

Intense, probing Scorpio is the most mysterious of signs to buy for. The key to this puzzle is to know your Scorpion well enough to let his or her passions guide you. Many Scorpios have an interest in spirituality and mysticism -- treat them to a personal reading or report by an astrologer, psychic or card-reader. A personal deck of tarot cards, along with a book of interpretations will provide plenty of food for the soul and rich imagery for their fertile imaginations.

Speaking of fertile, budding houseplants keep Scorpios, young and old, in touch year- round with their regenerative powers. Scorpios are known to like secrets -- the latest tell-all book on a famous celebrity or historical character makes a fun stocking-stuffer. Books on mass-trends in popular thought and history also never fail to capture the Scorpionic imagination.

A telescope will develop young Scorpio's fascination with the secrets of the universe. Just make sure it doesn't get aimed at the high-rise across the street! A parentally-escorted star-gazing field trip to a dark, natural setting will not only nurture budding scientific interest, it will help build appreciation of and comfort with the darker territories so much a part of the Scorpionic constitution. Parental attention on such field trips also provides deep emotional bonding. Young natives especially need this emotional anchoring to generate positive expression of the powerful Scorpionic intensity in later years.

Arien gifts work for Sagittarians, but for different reasons. Athletic Sag enjoys competitive sports -- and, therefore, sports gear -- not so much for the glory of winning or the need to blow off steam, but for the sheer fun and bonding that comes from playing with friends. Archery and hunting gear plays to the Sagittarian joy of reaching a goal.

Wisdom-seeking Sag enjoys books on religion and philosophy, but a trip to Tibet will always beat the paper version. Beyond your means? Don't worry -- Sagi will get there eventually. You can help by providing the travel gear, prayer beads, altar candles, and foreign language course tapes. And then there's the love of risk, gambling and adventure -- try an outing to a theme park, lottery tickets, a trip to Vegas or Atlantic City, depending on your geographic location.

For tangible gifts and clothing, nothing stirs the Sagittarian soul more than the color purple. Jewelry in amethyst adds to Sagi's dazzle and healing abilities. It's also a nice semi-precious stone for teen Sagi's. Emerald is good for adult Sagi's. Never failing to surprise you with wit and wisdom beyond his or her years, the Sagi child will devour books of every kind -- and especially joke books. Games for indoors and outdoors makes for fun, laughs and bonding with young friends.

Sober and hard-working, Cappy can fool you into buying real-leather desk accessories for his or her office. Don't buy it! The goat is actually an old party boy (or girl) from ancient history. You just have to do some reminding....

To combat that Capricornian propensity for workaholism, make it more comfortable for him or her to be and work at home! Cappy also has an appreciation for the finer material things; just make sure it's real but not too flashy: real leather, real silk, real cashmere, real (or real-looking) jewelry. A watch is a natural choice for natives ruled by Saturn, the Great Time-Keeper. But you can bet your Cappy already has a prized -- and very very old, possibly heirloom -- watch. How 'bout a new real-leather watchband to replace the one that's been fraying on Cappy's wrist the last ten years?

Is your Cappy handy? Add to his or her tool collection. A do-it-yourself kit is great for building projects. Cappy kids will love similar kits geared to their capabilities. Try an erector set for the nascent real estate developer in your native Cappy.

Your Aquarian is a natural candidate for electronic gadgets. A new (or should I say *another*) computer would be great, but peripheral add-ons are just as good: modems, zip drives, stereo speakers, recording and mixing devices, digital cameras, monitors, any kind of software programs.... Just go to your local computer super store and go crazy! Or it may be better to give a gift certificate to that computer store -- your Aquarian will know what he or she wants.

Aquarian children are brilliant, creative and scientifically your part to nurture these precious abilities! Doubtless your niece or nephew already has a laboratory in the basement -- pitch in an extra pair of safety goggles and gloves. There are also computers made specifically to accommodate the dexterity of children as young as four. Computer games are a logical complement.

Aquarians, young and old, are deeply humanitarian -- a contribution to their favorite charity or cause will be much appreciated. Try ordering a subscription to the political or scientific journal of your Aquarian's choice. Or better yet, join them in volunteering at a soup kitchen during the holiday season.

This most sensitive sign of the Zodiac will say he or she appreciates whatever you give, so it's up to you to give the Piscean what he or she really wants. Pisces rules the feet, so a foot massager can't fail. A gift certificate to a footwear store lets your Piscean pick and choose the most comfortable dressing for his or her tootsies, but you should really come along for trip, to keep the giving truly personal. Comfy slippers are another way to give Pisces happy feet during the cold winter months.

A water sign, of course the Fishes love all things aquatic -- snorkeling in the Caribbean is always nice, but the snorkel and wet suit is more affordable. How about a membership to a swim club? Piscean children and grown-ups alike will just love a home aquarium -- or contribute fish food, filters and water treatment supplies for the aquarium they already have!

Don't forget that Pisces' ruler, Neptune, is a higher vibration of loving, creative Venus. Books of poetry and soothing music will thrill your Pisces' heart. Works of art made by you offer proof of what your Pisces native needs more than anything -- your love, attention, and caring.

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May the Sun, Moon and Stars shelter you and energize you with love and peace,

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