We have three Solar Eclipses again in 2019: January 5th, July 2nd and December 26th.

The house in which a Solar Eclipse falls in your chart represents the area of your life where expansion is called for on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. This Eclipse in Cancer a water sign—offers you the challenge to address emotional issues.

The Solar Eclipse of July 2nd falls at 10 degrees 38 minutes of Cancer. It belongs to Saros Series 33 North.

This is an over-excessive eclipse family. Its main theme being
either news involving young people or news that transforms a
situation; information can cause worry or can cause one
to become obsessive. Youmay want to undertake large plans or activities which can be very positive as long as you don't get carried away.

If you have points in your Natal Chart at 10 degrees 38 minutes of the Cardinal signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, or Libra you may be certain that you will be affected by this Eclipse.You will experience an important turning point in the area your life described by the house in your Natal Chart where the Eclipse falls.

My Personal Solar Eclipse Reading is designed to help you manage this transition successfully. In your Solar Eclipse Reading I will provide not only my analysis of the current Solar Eclipse to your birthchart, but I will also reveal how the Solar Eclipse energies impact your Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Directions. The Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Directions depict how far you have come in your evolutionary process during this lifetime.  They therefore provide extremely important information about the NOW, especially when activated by the energy of a Solar Eclipse.

Don't miss out on this Solar Eclipse Reading at a bargain price! I promise that your Personal Solar Eclipse Reading will provide a maximum of information for a minimum investment. If you wish to learn, in minute detail, how this Solar Eclipse at 13 degrees of Cancer will affect you personally, I will be pleased to prepare your Solar Eclipse Reading for only $29.95

The ensuing Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 16th falls at 24 degrees 4 minutes of Capricorn. All Lunar Eclipses have something to do with relationship issues due to the Libra symbolism of a Full Moon. So where the Lunar Eclipse occurs in your chart or any planet it contacts initiates relationship challenges.

To order your Personal Solar Eclipse Reading or your Solar and Lunar Eclipse Reading, please click on  the approrpiate icon below.  Then email me your birth information (Name, date, place and time of birth). Please allow up to two days for me to prepare your Personal Eclipse Reading.

I embrace you with love and light,


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