The planet Jupiter teaches you about expansion--it enables you to move outside your self-described boundaries and reach for more of whatever you consider valuable.  Astrologically, Jupiter rules education, the law, travel, and spiritual matters--what I call your "philosophy of life".

With respect to Jupiter's spiritual significance, I recall a comment a minister  made in a Sunday School class when I was young: "Many girls go through a phase of wanting to become nuns around the age of twelve."  This seemed such a curious observation to me that I must've mentally tucked it away for future reference.  But it wasn't until I began to study astrology many years later that I understood for the first time the significance of what he had said.

Jupiter returns every twelve years to the place in your birthchart where it was when you were born.  Twelve-year old girls often dream of becoming nuns because their spirituality is being awakened at that time. Young boys, I'm sure, are similarly awakening to their own spiritual and philosophical sensibilities at that time and beginning to define them more clearly.

You experience Jupiter Returns at the ages of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, and so on. Let's look at age twenty-four.  Many professional people have received their college degrees by that time  and are taking their first idealistic steps along their career path.  Others are returning to college to work towards advanced degrees. I happen to have Jupiter in my 5th House of children. When I was 24, experiencing my second Jupiter Return, I became pregnant. Talk about expansion!

At age thirty-six you experience your third Jupiter Return.  You're perhaps actively engaged in your chosen calling--whether that's a career or  a homemaker and parent--or, these days, possibly both. Since the 5th House also symbolizes creativity, during my third Jupiter Return at the age of 36,  I took steps leading to a career as a freelance writer. My daughter-in-law,  who, on the other hand, was already a successful career woman, became pregnant with her first child during her third Jupiter Return.

But wait! Jupiter, as I mentioned, is the planet that teaches us about expansion, and sometimes it goes too far!  So far, in fact, that it becomes a negative force in our life. For example, Marilyn Monroe, who had achieved spectacular success in films by the time of her third Jupiter Return, chose to pit herself against studio authorities and demand more control over the direction of her career.  Based on the extraordinary success she had already achieved, she simply over-extended herself, demanding more authority than studio moguls were willing to grant, and was immediately fired from the film she was working on.  Marilyn, whose ego was very fragile in spite of all her success, died tragically at the age of thirty-six on her third Jupiter Return.

Princess Diana also died at the age of thirty-six after over-reaching herself.  By the time of her Jupiter Return, Diana had acquired an admirable reputation as an advocate for charitable causes and appeared, at least on the surface, to be reveling in an exhilarating new sense of freedom--a very Jupitarian feeling, by the way. Jupiter loves freedom.  Diana secretly collaborated with those who wrote books about her, revealing the private goings-on behind palace walls.  But when she granted a TV interview in which she attacked not only Prince Charles but the royal family itself , it was the beginning of her downfall. She'd taken her newfound Jupitarian exuberance too far.
I felt certain that the Queen would have to react decisively in order to preserve the monarchy's reputation, and indeed she did, granting permission for Charles and Diana to divorce, which, ironically, was the beginning of the process that led to Diana's untimely death.

Remember: the planetary energies don't cause the events in your life; they offer you opportunities for growth and the choices you make create the events in your life.  In both of the examples I've cited, Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana could have made different choices.  Both women were presented with huge opportunities and both might have gone on to achieve even greater success had they made different choices.  As it happens, they both had Jupiter strongly aspected in their birthcharts, and both became icons after their death, and so they are still revered by the public. Remember although we die, our charts live on.

The point I want to make is that with each successive Jupiter Return you presumably have attained a higher level of wisdom and understanding and therefore have the ability to accomplish even more of what you came here to do.

What do you recall about your own progress at your last Jupiter Return?  No matter where you are now in Jupiter's twelve-year Cycle, you can use your understanding of its potential to help you set goals for your future development.  Do you feel ready to use your next Jupiter Return to expand your influence in the world for the good of all? That  would be the ideal decision, but the choice is yours to make.

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May the Sun, Moon and Stars shelter you and energize you with love and peace,

Guidance for the Cycles of Your Life

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