Whereas the Jupiter Cycle symbolizes your enthusiasm and pursuit of happiness, and the Saturn Cycle shepherds you through "The Seasons of Your Life" imbuing you with a sense of accountability about what is actually possible, the Uranus Cycle represents how you surpass both of these familiar concepts and move out into entirely new realms.

Uranus offers you the opportunity to step outside of your conception of what is possible and what is probable, and enables you to venture into the sphere of what can only be described as the unforeseen.  The energy of Uranus has a magical, electric quality about it.  Uranus represents genius, non-conformity--what I like to think of as your willingness to surpass even your wildest dreams of what you are capable of accomplishing. Its energy is revolutionary in scope and positively exhilarating.

This is not at all surprising given that Uranus, whose orbit is outside that of Saturn's--the last planet visible from Earth without using a telescope--is unique among the planets that we are aware of, simply because it revolves in reverse motion to the other planets.  So as you might expect, its influence is similarly quixotic, and if the truth be known, not everyone welcomes, or is able to embody its energy, which is why they sometimes experience Uranus's energy as an unfortunate event in their lives.

Since Uranus doesn't return to its place in your birthchart for  approximately eighty-two years, it takes virtually an entire lifetime to actualize, or incorporate, its full potential into your personality. Have you ever noticed with what delightful abandon senior citizens--I mean really senior citizens--those gentle people in their eighties, express themselves? They're finally free to be exactly who they are.  I think of Grandma Moses, who, I understand, didn't even begin her fabulous career as an artist until she was in her eighties. She ultimately laid down the commonplace tasks of a woman of her generation and broke through the barriers of Saturn into the unforeseen province of Uranus.  The rest, as they say, is history. Her Uranus Return was a real doozie!  It was then that she achieved recognition for her wonderful art. Would that we might all emulate her style, bravado and success.

But it's at the halfway point of the Uranus Cycle that you begin to get the first glimmer of what's actually possible for you as an individual.  At about the ages of thirty-nine to forty Uranus comes to its first opposition to its place in your birthchart.  This is when you start to wonder whether what you've been doing with your life up until that time is what you really intended to do. Does your life, as you review it, express your individuality, or do you feel somehow confined, suppressed,  and incomplete?  "Is this all there is?" you may ask at that time, and if the answer is a resounding "No!" then the Uranus opposition kicks into gear and offers the tantalizing possibility of breaking free of your past constraints, inviting you to outrageously step out into the unknown and make a new beginning.  This condition, friends, is familiarly known as "the midlife crisis".

How many marriages have you known that dissolved at that time? How many careers have your loved ones, friends and acquaintances left behind at that age to pursue a completely different career or lifestyle? And how about you? What new ventures did you undertake at that age? If you have not yet reached that age, be forewarned: you will either be contemplating change in some part of your life, or Uranus will be stalking you!

Sometimes, you see, Uranian energy strikes from outside in the form of an unfortunate event at about the ages of thirty-nine or forty and at age eighty-four, as well.  When this happens, it's usually because you are unable or unwilling to review your own priorities and options honestly, and so Uranus feels obliged to step in and set priorities for you.  Uranus's opposition to its place in your birthchart has the capability of pressing you to make decisions that you otherwise might not make. How?  Well, it might create a situation so unpleasant in your home, relationship, or professional life that it launches you into a dramatic sea change which is, to all appearances, against your will.

I think of Michael Kennedy, the son of Robert and Ethel Kennedy, who, at the age of forty was discovered to have been carrying on an affair with his babysitter. This led, not surprisingly, to a dissolution of his marriage.  Not long thereafter he died suddenly in a skiing accident during an ill-advised football game on skis.

As deplorable as the loss of his young life was, it's difficult to conceive of a more vivid metaphor for the Uranus opposition: flying down a mountainside with reckless abandon, utterly out of control, caught up in the delicious sense of unrestraint so often associated with the energy of Uranus. Sometimes you make it all the way down the hill, safe and sound, breathless with the joy of having accomplished the seemingly impossible, and sometimes--like Michael Kennedy--you simply don't.  Once more, it's all up to you. The stars are not your fate; your choices are.

So how about you?  Where are you in your Uranus Cycle? What climactic events occurred when you were thirty-nine or forty?  Were the results positive or negative?  I feel certain that you experienced something unique at about that time. If you haven't reached your Uranus opposition yet, you might wish to begin planning for it.

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May the Sun, Moon and Stars shelter you and energize you with love and peace,

Guidance for the Cycles of Your Life

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