December 22 to January 19

The ambigous aspect of this card is one of the many incidents of humor in the Tarot. The  figure with horns, batwings, and cloven hooves looks alarming until you notice, first, that the man and woman seem quite unperturbed, and second, that the chains, apparently binding them to the Devil's footstool, are so loose that they can easily be lifted over their heads. The message is clear: 'Evil is in the eye of the beholder'. The Devil is merely an adversary strengthening the muscles of the mind.  By pointing out what bedevils you, he shows that every apparent evil is actually the negative side of a corresponding good. The human figures, representing you, Capricorn, have only to lift their chains to be free from the bondage of erroneous ideas and interpretations leading, so often, to mistaken actions. The card, correctly understood, describes Capricorn at its best: strong, stable, and positive.
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