I thought perhaps you'd like to know a bit about my background.  I'm a third generation astrologer: some of my very early memories are of overhearing discussions about astrology between my mother and grandmother, both of whom were well-versed in the subject long before astrology was considered "cool".  Prior to becoming an astrologer, however, I enjoyed a twenty year career as a freelance writer, publishing fiction and non-fiction in national and international magazines and newspapers as well as authoring six books now available as

When the time was right (according to planetary cycles, of course!) I easily made the transition from writer to astrologer. With Sun in exact opposition to Uranus— astrology's ruling planet—the tightest aspect in my birthchart, I believe astrological counseling is my life's mission. I'm convinced that my writing career served essentially to provide me with the necessary discipline to devote myself to the rigorous research that astrology requires.

Each birthchart that I am privileged to study is a spiritual experience for me. In that mystical moment when a birthchart and I come together, a union is born, providing enlightenment for both astrologer and client. As I contemplate each chart I am drawn into its story—a cosmic connection between client and astrologer.  This union is not a random happening; I feel sure that Spirit sends me those whom I am destined to counsel.

It's important to realize that while your birthchart reveals much about you, it doesn't describe what you will do but what you are capable of doing. Therefore, in my counseling work my greatest satisfaction comes from seeing family, friends, and clients fulfill the potential portrayed in their birthcharts.

My early years were spent in the beautiful Hudson River Valley in New York State.  As a teenager I moved with my family to Clearwater, Florida, where (not accidentally!) I met the love of my life, my husband, Richard Brown. Together we attended the University of Kansas at Lawrence, and before our marriage I worked as a copywriter at radio station WDAF in Kansas City, Missouri. Following Richard's 21-year career as a Naval Aviator, we retired in southern California, where our son Rick and his wife Jenny also live with our grandson Ian and our granddaughter Erin.

I sincerely thank you for visiting my website. 

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May the Sun, Moon and Stars shelter you and energize you with love and peace,


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